Absolute Careers

From our top management to our cleaning professionals, Absolute's staff work together as a team. And we are constantly searching to add to our strength. So if you are looking for a career in Absolute, simply write in to hr@absolute-ms.com.sg or call +65 6742 0308 for enquiries.

Career Advancement

Our aim is to create the best career path for you. There will be many opportunities in place to ensure the best prospects for your career advancement.

Training and Development

We believe strongly in regular training and upgrading to ensure that you are fully-skilled, always up to date and increase your competency in your job assignments.
Some of our training may include:

  • Cleaning safety and hygiene
  • Proper use of cleaning equipment based on cleaning assignments that the staff is required to do.
  • Training specific to assignment – workflow, procedures, equipment use
  • You can also attend WSQ-certified courses

Our Training Academy

Our serious commitment to training has led us to open our own training academy. With it, we have the edge to:

  • Deliver quality and relevant training to our staff
  • Ensure accurate and consistent training and administrative records
  • Enhance the corporate image of all corporate stakeholders

Our culture of training can be summarised by our Principles of U-care, which details our philosophy and attitudes towards training. These include being unbiased, seeing things from other’s perspective, being concern and respecting other’s competence, and being sensitive, attentive and supportive of each other.

Our Company Culture

At Absolute, our staff is at the centre of all we do. You come first and keeping a friendly, conducive working environment is our top priority. We encourage staff camaraderie because working well together translates into love for the job, respect for our colleagues, and pride for the company. Our culture is absolutely GREAT.

Go the extra mile
Eager to learn
Always improving

Call +65 6742 0308 or email hr@absolute-ms.com.sg for career enquiries.